Increasing sales, monetizing your web projects!

Mixmarket Affiliate Network is a high technological affiliate network and retargeting platform focusing on e-commerce traffic. We are a part of AdLabs group of companies and we have been developing affiliate marketing in Russia since 2005!

There are two professional advertising services to choose from:

  • Mix-CPC – CPC advertising service;
  • Mix-СPA – CPA advertising service;

Mix-CPC is an advertising CPC service which is ideal for online shops. It allows businesses to publish XML price list in catalogs as well as on the thematic content resources and consequently helps to attract more buyers and boost sales.

Mix-CPA is an advertising service that enables you to create an affiliate programs with the following payment models:

  • CPC/PPC (Cost Per Click) – payment per unique clicks;
  • CPA/PPA (Cost Per Action) – payment for a predetermined action: registration, order, etc;
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) – payment per form with potential buyer’s contact information;
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale) – payment per each completed sale, it can be a fixed fee or sales percentage.

10 years on the market!

  • More than 300 active offers in our catalog;
  • More than 20 227 webmasters;
  • 46 454 websites in the network;
  • 777 advertisers chose us this year;
  • About 10 000 000 products in the catalog!

We provide:

  • - Huge base of advertising websites and it keeps growing;
  • - The technical platform for the creation of an affiliate program;
  • - Technical and expert support of your affiliate program;
  • - Automatic and manual traffic quality control protecting from frod;
  • - Free consultations from the experts of the affiliate marketing.

Retargeting on CPA basis is our great advantage!

Mixmarket - is not only an affiliate network, it is a huge retargeting platform focusing on e-commerce traffic and travel services. Except advertising websites we attract traffic from the leading advertising networks: AdLabs Media Network, Direct Advert, Begun, Betweendigital and many more. Also we produce an automated traffic buying from Ad networks and RTB-platforms. We are really good at returning visitors from all the teaser networks and trade networks - where it is unprofitable for advertiser to work directly on CPC basis.

  • - 30% sales increase due to the algorithmic selection of the most relevant product;
  • - More than 6000+ high-quality websites into the network;
  • - Integration with teaser networks, trade networks and the largest SSP;
  • - More than 50 million internet users - we know about their buying preferences!

We can achieve conversion from clicks into the orders from 1.5% to 5%!

One of our main advantages is that we provide our advertisers a possibility to work with retargeting on CPA-basis (not CPC), in other words we are taking all the risks on ourselves and advertisers could pay only for actual sales. This model is pretty new on the retargeting market and now our main focus is to work with Big Data. We are already making conversions from clicks into the orders from 1.5% to 5% depending on the coverage and the algorithms and we are only getting better from day to day!

Our clients