About us

About us

Mixmarket affiliate network was created in 2005 as a part of Adlabs group of companies. Initially we developed Mix-CPC - the service of goods advertising which operates with eshops on CPC basis. In September, 2006 we started a collaboration with Yandex advertising network and became it's first Center of partners' service. Next service, a constructor of affiliate programs Mix-CPA, was created in 2009 - it gives an opportunity to advertiser to create affiliate programs on CPC, CPA, CPL and CPS basis with maximum flexibility of conditions.

Now Mixmarket is the largest affiliate network in Russian federation and republics of former Soviet Union with daily audience more than 40 billion users. Also Mixmarket has advertisers which interested in Russian traffic from Europe, USA and all over the world. Furthermore in Mixmarket there are international publishers too, so we are open to collaboration with all international companies and private webmasters.

Who may be engaged in Mixmarket?

As advertiser :

  • All sites, that sell products and provide services, if there is an understanding how much and which way you may share your profit with partners. Creating of the affiliate program is the best way to increase your sales' volume on appropriate conditions.

As publisher :

  • In Mix-CPC — all content sites with audience capable of buying goods, also professional partners which can integrate a base of goods in XML format on their sites and attract a traffic.
  • In Mix-CPA — all sites which have audience interested in offers of our advertisers. Number of progams is increasing stably and constantly so rather easy to find program best suitable for your site.
  • In Yandex advertising network — practically all sites, preferably with commercial themes.The main thing they should satisfy conditions and provide a quality traffic.