For advertisers
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Mix-CPA provides wide choice of advertising materials:

  • jpeg-, gif-banner or flash-banner;
  • text link;
  • html form;
  • structured "ad": image, title and text;
  • XML price list;
  • free format (partner can construct advertising links himself);
  • link X (partner can use advertising links without site).

Besides that Mix-CPA gives an opportunity to place an advertisement according conditions of your program in leading advertising networks in Russia: Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, Begun.

Requirements to advertising materials:

  1. Recommended weight of a graphical or flash-banner - 30-60 Кб. Maximum weight for a graphical banner - 60Кб, for a flash-banner - 120Кб.
  2. Recommended and popular sizes:240х400, 600х90, 468х60, 160х600, 125x125.
  3. Allowed banner formats: GIF, JPG and SWF (Flash version 8.0 and higher).
  4. For right integration you need to use the object "button" with following parameters:
  5. on(release) {
         getURL(_root.ClickTag, "_blank");
    Except "ClickTag" you are able to use other parameter name, which must be specified at the banner's adding page..
  6. Flash banners can't use more than 35% (at peak - more than 60%) resources of processor Celeron 1,5 GHz.
  7. "Ads" may have up to 70 signs in title and up to 250 signs in text, maximum image size - 100х100px.
  8. Advertising materials have to satisfy requirements of actual legislation of the United Kingdom.
  9. Advertising materials are not allowed if they:
    • consist any contact information of advertiser;
    • use martial words, obscene and insulting images;
    • misinform and bring into delusion;
    • have unreliable information about the product/service;
    • use diverting and annoying animation.
  10. Mixmarket has rights to refuse any advertising material without explaining of reasons.