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Стабильный доход, гарантия выплат

Mix-CPC is a service of goods advertising based on CPC model. Cost of a click is fixed for the category and as a rule is from 1.5 to 3 roubles for click.

Mix-CPC provides to partners following programs:

«Context goods» program

You place on your website js-code which executes the goods block consisting of a fixed number (from 1 to 5) of goods from the determined category. You may customize a design of such block as you want. The program is especially interesting for info websites with a specific content.
The example of goods block

«Own shop program»

You choose interesting categories from the goods catalogue and get XML with all goods from advertisers who approve your area. The program is oriented for price comparison sites and for publishers who may independently develop an affiliate shop. Also the advertising format "Mix-Ads" is available within bounds of this program.
The screenshot of the "own shop's" page with ad.

«Where to buy» program

This program is oriented for goods catalogues, websites with search engines also for content sites with articles about concrete goods. You request in challenge code the name of a product - we give a list of shops with prices where this product is available.
Screenshot of block

«Ready market» program

Only well-known community resources with high attendance may take part in this program. We make the market with goods of specific categories ourselves and place it on the 3rd level domain of a famous area. We provides partners wide opportunities of customizing the market and for adrvertising it on main resource.
The example of «ready market»

How to start working at Mix-CPC?

  1. Complete registration as publisher.
  2. Add your areas in Mix-CPC.
  3. Choose a program, create "goods group" and make the certification request.
  4. Place advertising codes on the website.
  5. Get an affiliate revenue in time.

Registration of publisher