Black Desert Online - SOI регистрация (DACH/US/CA/GSA/FR/Nor

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Black Desert Online - SOI регистрация (DACH/US/CA/GSA/FR/Nor

Сообщение mixmarket » 11 май 2016, 19:44

Black Desert Online - SOI регистрация (DACH/US/CA/GSA/FR/Nordics/Benelux/PL) (Отдых и развлечения » Онлайн-игры)
Геотаргетинг: Австрия,Бельгия,Канада,Швейцария,Германия,Дания,Финляндия,Франция,Люксембург,Нидерланды,Норвегия,Польша,Швеция,США

Требования к площадкам:
Only traffic from the country specified in the offer name will be accepted.
Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or Landing Pages without approval of Mixmarket.

Restricted sources are defined as follow:
- only brand safe websites / traffic sources
- no bot traffic
- no adult
- no file-sharing / streaming
- no gambling websites
- no Google (Bing & other SEM allowed)
- no GDN
- no YouTube ads (influencers allowed!)
- no Facebook (other social networks allowed)

Fraudulent conversions will be deleted from the campaign upon deliverance of chargeback reports. Fraudulent conversions are considered as transactions that are revoked via chargeback.

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.
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