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Программа: "War Thunder Player - 1ый логин, победа в 5-ти сражениях (СНГ)".

Сайт: warthunder.ru

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Платим € 0.523 за регистрацию. Платим € 1.85 за достижение 4-ого уровня в игре. War Thunder is an free-to-play MMO combat simulator dedicated to mid-20th century military aviation, armored vehicles, and naval vessel combat. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world. Become a lone hero or lead your team to victory — the choice is yours! War Thunder offers: Varied PvP full-scale combat missions An experience for both advanced virtual pilots and beginners. A co-op dymanic campaign, singleplayer missions, and a robust mission editor. A variety of aircraft with detailed flight models, exteriors, and interiors. Astonishing graphics, authentic sounds, and beautiful music. This is a player campaign = A valid conversion will be counted as soon as the user reaches the status active player. (Registration>Download>Login)
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